About us

In our modern world today, where goods are made systematically by machines, we stand by our gracefully handcrafted natural mother nature’s products.

Bamboo Art Shop was started to bring some homemade goodness into the heart of people, and into their homes.  Our team range from Songkhla, South of Thailand to Chiang Mai, North of Thailand.  Together we design and create 100% handmade natural goods made in Thailand from local resources to bring you our unique designs.

We focus on two product categories: Soap Carvings and Wood Products.

Our flower soap carving are beautifully hand carved with precision and detail. As they are handmade in house, non-factory settings, you will notice our soap carvings to feature more details then what you can find elsewhere.  While we offer natural Jasmin scented soap carvings, other natural scents are available upon request.  All of our soap carvings can be purchased individually or mixed and matched as desired.  Since there are so many combinations possible, please feel free to contact us for any customization required before purchase.

Our wood products are beautifully handmade and handcrafted by local Thai artisans in the northern region of Thailand, Chiang Mai. We mostly use natural Thai grown teak wood for art sculpture and home and gardens items such as our serving trays.  While we use mango tree wood for home décors. The mango tree, which is much more known widely for its fruit, yields a beautiful lumber considered very eco-friendly, as the Mango plantations harvest the trees for lumber after they have completed their useful fruit-bearing lifespan. To keep with eco-friendliness, a new mango tree is planted in place of the old one (mango fruit is delicious by the way).

Take a closer look at the hand crafted details the sculptor is able to achieve with the traditional set of hand tools.

Wood has been used for the creation of homes, furniture and decorations for thousands of years, and continues to prove its durability while being beautiful and sustainable. Give our mother nature products a try to experience the elegance and peaceful properties of the real beauty of wood.

From all of us, thank you for visiting!